My 3 favorite moves

Janni Delér


It's important to have a strong core when you're skiing to keep your body straight and ready for bumpy slopes. I use the foam roller under my back to feel the muscles deeper inside. I lay my lower back on the roller and lay down with my head and bottom towards the ground, and then drag myself up like a sit-up. You can feel the burn only after a few reps, so it's a great ab exercise.


Very important for me after skiing. I always get stiff in my muscles and mostly in my hip flexors. I stretch to keep them happy and it always feels good afterwards, so I can ski the day after without it hurting!


I just love that position. It clears my head somehow, and I always feel energised after I've done it. Almost like yoga! You don't have to be up there for too long, 30 sec to 1 minute is good to start with, but in the beginning use a wall behind you. I practised with a wall behind me and then advanced. It's great for your core as well since you have to focus on standing still by using your ab-muscles. Perfect way to start/end a day of skiing!