Train like a pro

Let our friend and resilient super woman Pam Thorburn show you the ropes.

Swiss ball roll out

4 x 10

Keep your knees on the ground and hands on the ball.
Roll forward on to your forearms.
Push your hips all the way forward to make one straight line with your body.
Hold that extended position for a couple of seconds, then roll back in.

Russian twist

4 x 1 min on / 30 sec off

Get a medball, kettlebell or plate.
Hold the weight above your chest.
Lift your legs off the ground.
Twist your upper body from left to right.

Basic air squat

6 x 1 min on/ 30 sec off

Stand with your feet hip width apart, and your toes pointing slightly out.
Bend your knees, following the path of your toes (keeping your weight in the heels).
Go down below 90 degrees, keeping the chest up.
Stand up, fully extending hips and knees at the top.

Box jump

6 x 1 min on/ 30 sec off

Stand about 1 foot away from the box.
Bend down then swing your arms forward.
Jump up on the box with two feet, fully extending the hips and knees on top of the box.

one leg pistol squat

4 x 10 (alternating legs)

Lift one leg off the ground.
Squat down to below 90 degrees (keeping the weight through the heel and the lifted leg off the ground).
Stand up, fully extending hips and knees before switching legs.

ropes on the swiss ball

4 x 30 sec on/ 30 sec off

Stand on the ball.
Bend your knees to a quarter squat.
Alternating 1 arm up/ 1 arm down.
Switching to 2 arms together.